jueves, 8 de octubre de 2015

Nueva impresora SENEL 3000 con conexión RS232

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Para sistemas de pesaje en los que se requiere la impresión de una etiqueta o un ticket, Senel Technologies presenta la nueva impresora 3000, una impresora térmica que incorpora autocuter.

Las características generales de esta impresora son:

POS printers for Point of Sales for many applications such as receipts for restaurants, supermarkets, parkings, shops, hotels, hospitals and others.

*   Easy paper charge
*   Compact and very robust design
*   Maximum printing speed 220 mm/s
*   Resolution of 203 dpi
*   Serial RS232C, or USB, or Ethernet data input interfaces
*   Partial paper cut autocuter
*   No paper, low paper and ticket pick-up detection
*   2 cash drawer opening controls
*   Remarkable commands
Command list compatible to Epson ESC/POS protocol
Character font sizes of 12x24 and 8x16 dots
Scalable fonts (independent on X/Y axis) up to 64 times
Underline, reverse and bold printing features
Character and line spacing programmable
Complex graphic bitmaps printing
CODE39, CODE128, EAN13 and ITF barcodes
QR and AZTEK 2D barcodes
Logotypes and chracter tables download function
Firmware upogrades download via communication port
Auto-test, hexadecimal and configuration modes

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